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 iPhone 5 back camera 

 iPhone 5 bottom screws 2 pcs black 

 iPhone 5 bottom screws 2 pcs silver 

 iPhone 5 Earpiece 

 iPhone 5 Front Camera with Sensor Cable 

 iPhone 5 Headphone Jack/Dock Connector black 
 iPhone 5 Headphone Jack/Dock Connector white 
 iPhone 5 homme button adhesive 

 iPhone 5 Long and short signal cable 

 iPhone 5 On/Off Flex Cable 

 iPhone 5 ringer speaker 

 iPhone 5 screws set 

 iPhone 5 Sensor Cable 

 iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray Black 

 iPhone 5 SIM card Tray Silver 

 iPhone 5 Vibrator 

 iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna 

 iPhone 5/5C Home Button Black 

 iPhone 5/5C Home Button Cable 

 iPhone 5/5C Home Button Dark blue/black