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 iPhone 4 back camera 

 iPhone 4 dock connector 

 iPhone 4 front camera 

 iPhone 4 headphone jack 

 iPhone 4 home button black 

 iPhone 4 home button cable 

 iPhone 4 home button white 

 iPhone 4 Metal Spring of Battery Connector 

 iPhone 4 on/off cable 

 iPhone 4 screw set 

 iPhone 4 SIM tray 

 iPhone 4 speaker 

 iPhone 4 vibrator 

 iPhone 4 Volume, Vibrator and Switch Button 
 iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna 

 iPhone 4/4S bottom screws 2 stk 

 iPhone 4/4S grill earpiece 

iPhone 4/4S grill earpiece

 iPhone 4/4S ringer speaker 

 iPhone 4/4S skum for LCD og touch stik